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From the origins, Amity Abloom has always been about sharing a love of daylilies. After all, Amity Abloom is a family affair. Meet the staff below.

Cynthia and Charles Lucius moved to their Amity Road home in 2003 changing the seven acres of lush, rolling grassland into an official A.H.S. Display Garden. In 2006, Charles and Cynthia opened their commercial daylily business.

We started our business primarily because we want to share our passion for daylilies with other people. We have worked to make visitors’ experience at Amity Abloom pleasant and memorable. We welcome you to join us on a warm summer afternoon, surrounded by beautiful flowers in our quiet country setting. Cynthia and Charles Lucius

Charles and Cynthia Lucius
Cynthia and Charles Lucius in front of their acres of flowers.
Arielle Lucius

When you visit Amity Abloom, you will most likely see Arielle Lucius driving plants back and forth on the yellow Amity Abloom golf cart. Arielle is an active daylily gardener spending much of her spare time helping Cynthia and Charles with their gardens. Ari is also a registered vet technician.

Arielle Lucius surrounded by blooms.
KeeLee the Cat

Kee Lee is known for just appearing out of a garden with a large smile across her face as she makes friends with people touring Amity Abloom. Kee Lee loves attention almost as much as she enjoys spending lazy days stretched out bathing in the sun.

Kee Lee sleeps after a busy day making friends

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