Our Business Policies

Cash PolicyYou can purchase daylilies from Amity Abloom either in person or through the mail. We accept only cash or check as payment for plants. Gift certificates are also available in any amount. Our policies are described in more detail below.

VISITORS: When you arrive, we invite you to walk around the gardens and view our many display beds. Discovery is part of the joy of visiting. (Note: because Amity Abloom is nearly 7 acres and more than 1,600 varieties on display, wear comfortable shoes!) To ensure everyone's enjoyment, please leave your pets at home.

Many of the plants in the display gardens are also available for sale. When we dig your plants for you, we will knock most of the dirt off the roots, label them, and place them in a plastic bag. If you wish, you may elect to have us trim several inches of foliage off the plants. Our experience is that this "haircut" stimulates new growth, so the plant will quickly re-establish for you in its new home.

Payment is due at the time you receive your plants.

MAIL ORDERS: If you are unable to visit Amity Abloom but would like to order plants, send us an email letting us know the names and quantities of specific daylilies you would like to purchase along with your mailing address. We will email a confirmation to verify the availability of your selections and to let you know the total cost and expected shipping date. We charge a flat $12 shipping/handling fee plus $1 per plant. We ship to any U.S. location.

Payment is due prior to shipping.

Questions: Email UsWe know our plants, so don't hesitate to ask us about specific ones that catch your eye or any questions you may have regarding daylilies. Click here to email us now.



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